Interior done… more or less

I think the interior is done enoug that I can live with it at this point.  Time to finish the bottom, rig it, and get it in the water.

A word of caution about headliner glue.  I had originally been recommended Weldwood HHR glue and when I started using it I noticed it was a little lumpy.  It looks extra bad here because of the raking light, but the one on the left was done with 3m 90 spray adhesive.  Turns out the solvent in the Weldwood softens the foam on the back of the headliner and makes for some lumps.  We’re planning on replacing the 4 bad panels next winter.  I don’t want to deal with it right now and it’s not as terrible as it looks here, but it is annoying.  Fortunately we’re pros at making headliners now so it won’t take long.

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