Many updates!

The boat spent the season in the water. I learned a lot about how to sail it and how it reacts to certain things. We were on the water during an 80kt gusty storm and had someone drag their mooring down on us. Here are some pictures.

This was after we’d gotten her in the water the first day. I was afraid to drive away and leave her alone. She’d been in my backyard the last 2 years.

Weather up in the mountains can get a bit crazy at times.  This went right over us but missed us entirely only to dump on the valley to the east.

I took this picture on July 15.  This was the result of a hailstorm in the mountains.  I don’t think any hail actually hit the boat even though this is only a mile from my mooring.

Sleeping on the boat at night.  I put red lights in to preserve night vision and it really helps.  The green light on the bilge pump panel is not really helping though.

One of our friends on the lake was kind enough to take some photos of the boat while we were out messing about one day.

Once the lake level started to drop, towards the end of the season.

A couple of pictures right before we hauled out.

Once I got her home I built a pvc frame for the tarp to keep grime off the boat and so I could work on it.  It’s been so cold the times I could actually work have been few but I’m glad to keep the snow off.

IMG_6075  IMG_6073   That second video is the area where we are moored normally.

That’s a video of the wind at the lake on a bad day.  We had wind like this a couple of weeks before we hauled out with gusts to 80 kts and another boat dragged their mooring down onto me.  Minor damage.

While the boat was in the water this summer I took the opportunity to replace the wheel bearings and put new electric brakes on the trailer.  It helped towing A LOT.


That video (you need sound) is before I changed the bearings.  I can’t believe we towed it back from missouri like that.

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