Spray hood frame done (finally)

I finally got the frames for my sprayhood built.  I ordered this hood when I first got the boat from Goran Helmer, the guy who designed the 261 when he worked at Marieholm.  He sent along full size drawings of the frames but I hadn’t gotten around to building them.  Originally I was going to build them from stainless, and that definitely would be stronger but I don’t have the tools to bend stainless tubing properly so I made them from aluminum.  I may have someone fabricate a proper frame when I’m on the coast though.  Last picture is the company that makes sprayhoods for Marieholm 261, 26, and IF, if you’re in the market for one.  They’re about $450 shipped to the US.  I used a conduit bender on the frames and just went real slow.  The first tube I filled with sand, second I did without,  I didn’t notice a difference.  No crimping but there’s a million little dimples along the surface for each tiny bend I made.


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