Flooring in. Tons done.

This was a big weekend to get a ton done.  We got all of the finished headliners installed (3 left – we ran out of headliner material)  Lorena cut all the headliner parts, I just glued them and installed them.  I installed the last battery and finished the cables.   Sink and drawer mostly installed.  I keep having to revise my drawer slide strategy because I’m not smart.

And we got the flooring in!  Lorena made a pattern and cut the flooring out and it fit perfectly.  Looks great.  It’s EVA foam made to look like teak and holly.  Very nice on the feet.  I have some in the cockpit of my Finn and it wears well.

Also the overhead lamps are in.  They have a red feature for supercool after dark stealth missions.  Or if you just want to make it look like you’ve called a red alert.

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  1. With all the work you have done, you may have to change the title picture soon. Certainly not the same boat you started off with. 😉

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