More work done

Lots done today.  Got the port side rub rail installed.  It’s teak, 2 coats of epoxy and 2 of varnish.  I know everyone says to let teak weather but I like the way it looks like this, even though it’s more work.  My joints between sections … were not very good.  One of them is okay, one is horrible.  I had made 5 out of 6 of the sections before I ran out of teak and had to buy more so I had to set the saw up again and when I did it came out slightly different.  :\  It’s not super noticeable unless you’re looking for things to gig me on.

On the bow I got the bow roller installed and both of the chocks.  Since I shortened the bow roller assembly it’s far enough out of the way that I can run lines out of the chocks from the center cleat so I don’t need to add extra cleats.  I am thinking of adding a chain stop just forward of the chain locker door there.

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