Clamp replacement and other small items.

According to my super knowledgeable friends, the clamps I had used were 1 – not enough and 2 – kind of poopy.  I hadn’t known where to find these until Alex W found the link for me at Fisheries.  These are the updated clamps on the cockpit drains.

New belts and hoses all around.

New Stainless exhaust elbow from HDI Marine.  Great service from those guys.  Not cheap but you can pretty much kiss those corrosion issues goodbye.

Just a shot of the remote oil filter and the swanky hoses for it.

Pic of the arm purchased to bring the shift cable in from the back.

More clamp pics.

Pic of the Speedseal life I installed to help with pump life.  It has those nice thumbscrews but because of where it’s mounted you have to remove it to swap the impeller anyhow.

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