Motor mounts finished.

To put a Yanmar 2GM20F in the same place as a Volvo MD5 required a bit of “engineering”.  I use that term loosely because it took me 3 tries to get it in the right place.  The engine bed for the volvo is a lot wider, 55mm wider on each side, and it’s not as long, so the aft mount had to move 55mm forward.  Originally I looked at the mechanical drawings and the Volvo has the output shaft 20mm below the motor mounts, and the Yanmar has the output shaft 27mm above the motor mounts so I figured I had to drop it 47mm.  I designed it at 55 to give me some wiggle room.  After I had the mounts made the output shaft was 70mm below the motor mounts.  WTF.  Someone’s drawings are incorrect.  I remade the mounts, this time I just dropped them 12mm from the originals, 55m wider.  It was perfect. Oh, but I forgot the aft mount has to go forward 55mm, so my awesome welder, Stan, at Advanced Alloys in Longmont adjusted them for me again.  Now it’s perfect.  Engine is ready to go back in, pending changing the oil, belts, filters, and getting the rest of the engine compartment ready to go.

The mount additions are 1/2″ thick steel.  Even at 7″ of extension deflection with the entire engine weight on one mount would be .010″ so I feel okay about the robustness of these updates.

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