Some thoughts on the application of Pettit Protect

The manual for this paint is a bit lacking.  It has a lot of information about the timing and whatnot but not that much about the actual doing of it.

When you roll this stuff on, DO NOT go back and roll over it if you feel like a spot is thin or you want to touch it up.  You’ll put a bunch of texture into it.  Apparently this stuff kicks fairly fast and if you’re a perfectionist like me you’ll go back and add a little here or there, or want to touch up a spot, or even something out.  Don’t give into that temptation because if you do you’ll be even more conflicted later when you realize your boat bottom now resembles the walls of a 70s ranch style house.

Honestly it’s not that bad, but it bugs me because there are spots where I could have done a better job.  What I’ll likely do is in a couple of years before I recoat the bottom I’ll sand the spots that annoy me.

The Pettit Vivid bottom paint went on a dream.  The instructions said to use a 3/16 nap roller but I couldn’t find any locally so I just used a 1/4″ and rolled it out pretty well.  The finish of that bottom paint is really nice, I’m happy I picked it.

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