Bottom job nearing completion and other updates

This right after we finished sanding but before we had patched the sink drain through hull.  It’s been raining here for days and I can’t seem to get a window of dry weather long enough to do the bottom paint and it’s required cure time before getting it wet.

Forgive me, these are a bit out of order.  Tonight I went out and finish sanded all the fairing compound, sanded the bottom of the keel, and then scrubbed the entire hull with scotchbrite and water to remove all the sanding residue.  My arms are wrecked again.

This is when we were patching.  Patches were 2 layers of alternating 10 oz woven cloth and 18 oz woven roving.  Once this initial patch had kicked but before it was fully cured I pulled the peel ply off and added 5 layers of the same.

Patches were sanded with a flap wheel to roughly level them and then I used TotalBoat TotalFair to fair them up.  I love WEST System but for fairing this stuff is the best.  Goes on really smooth and sands easy.  You can see in the following pic where I moved the sink drain from the turn of the bilge to further down nearer the keel.   Where it was, only an octopus would have been able to close it in an emergency.  Now it’s right inside a cabinet door where I can get to it.

These were the inlet and exit for the old marine head.  I installed a composting head so they weren’t needed.  Closing up through-hulls is a pain in the ass.

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