But wait, there’s more (wiring)!

This is the little compartment under the bottom step.  It’s cut out next to the engine so that I can get to the raw water pump.  I am going to make a small panel that fits there to keep it separate from the engine space.  There’s also a small ‘floor’ that goes in here to separate it from the bilge as well.  From left to right we have the Blue Sea ACR up top and the battery bank use switch below it.  To the right of that is the positive bus (that’ll have a cover as well), then the shunt for the Victron BMV-712 and below that the negative bus.  To the right is a post for the negative battery cables and far right is the fresh water pump for the galley.  There’s a ton of crap crammed in there but it’s all usable.  Hooking up the start/reserve battery next, it’s in the bilge space immediately forward of this.

Added one more pic from tonight. All battery cables are in. Some wire looms still to be installed but the hard part is done. Wrestling those big cables is a pain.

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