More wiring and general progress.

I installed the regulator, the new alternator, battery cables, charging wires, fuse for the alternator positive.  Wired the bilge pump.  Plumbed the coolant overflow tank.  Hooked up the fuel lines.  The engine compartment is pretty close to being able to be buttoned up.  I still need to tighten the fitting at the fuel pump and the alternator alignment is off and it’s off because the mount is holding the alternator too far forward.  It couldn’t be the easy fix, where it’s too far back and I can just shim it.  Of course not.  It’s $60 bucks for a facing tool to cut that back about 1/8″ so it aligns right.  So I’ll have one if anyone else has the same problem and wants to borrow it.  Otherwise, it’s looking pretty good.

Just another pic of the cabinets all installed but now all the trim is there and the hasps that hold the top step on are installed.  I realized after I got these all installed that I still need to run the hookups for the through-hull sensors so I’ll have to remove at least one piece of trim to snake that through.  I should have done all the wiring before I put the interior back in.

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