Some wiring

I’ve been working on the wiring, it’s slow going.  I have to wait for 50 degree days to glue on WeldMount studs (so worth it, best things for this kind of work!) and then they have to cure, and then I wait for another 50 degree day to do some more work.  Luckily I had a couple in a row.  This first picture is looking up from the quarter berth.  The black box is the Aqualarm Bilge Monitor.  Directly overhead is the ProMariner Galvanic Isolator.  You can’t really see it but above that is a SmartPlug 30Amp inlet.   After reading the excellent write up from MaineSail I didn’t want to go with an old school inlet and burn down my boat after all this hard work.  There are some unsecured wires in this pic, don’t worry, they’ll be properly tied up later.  What you’re seeing to the left is the coaming box in the cockpit.  That curve is the cockpit starboard forward corner.

Here is the view looking into the quarter berth.  The bilge monitor is visible and the ProMariner 1220 Battery Charger.  Mounting that required some creative thinking.  I ended up cutting the vinyl hull liner out in a square spot and epoxying some marine ply there to screw it to.  It’s in a place where it won’t interfere with sleeping but visible and available.


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