How it goes…

This is how it goes when you’re rebuilding a boat.

I got the engine aligned and bolted in, finally, and wanted to hook up all the equipment that lives around the engine and is connected to the engine so I could start replacing all the cabinetry that also goes around the engine.  Today I had a list.

  • packing gland
  • exhaust
  • anti-siphon loop
  • seacock for cooling water
  • strainer
  • shifter
  • stop cable
  • expansion tank

Originally I went out there with the exhaust but looking at it I thought well it’ll probably be a lot easier to put packing in the packing gland before I put the exhaust on since it’s right in the way.  So I put the packing in the packing gland and then I was thinking to myself, “Self?  This shaft is a little bit long so you better put the prop on and see where it’s sitting in the cavity before you commit to the packing gland and all that in case you need to shorten the shaft.”  So I put the prop on and I can’t get the nut tight enough to get the pin in.  This Max Prop uses a fancy nut that lives under the gear that lets the blades flip from forward to reverse and I’m nowhere close to putting that pin in.  I’m 100% no where close to where they put the pin hole.  Deep Blue Yacht Supply makes some nice shafts, but they don’t listen real well.  I gave them the measurement for the shaft + coupler and they made the shaft that long, which is about 1/2″ too long.  That’s fine because I have a little wiggle room, but they knew I had a Max Prop and how that attaches and they didn’t take that into account.  It’s okay, I can work around it, but now I’m trying to figure out how to get that prop on there a little further.

I can machine the bottom of the nut so it’ll just set in there a little deeper.  I can probably get it square on my lathe, but that’s iffy.

I can mill the spot where it sits so there’s a little recess and it can go a bit further.   All I really need is about 1/16″.

I thought well I should probably lap the prop hub to the shaft so I went out and got a gear puller and some lapping compound and started working on it.  It fits great, the taper is perfect, and I’m about halfway there so I’ll lap it some more tomorrow till it’s a good fit and I can get the nut where I want it.

What did I get done today?  Well, the packing nut has packing in it now, but that’s it.  I really wanted to get more done.  I need a drink.

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