First coat of paint on the boat and it looks flippin amazing. 

First coat of paint on the boat.  We used Interlux Brightsides.  Originally I wanted to use 2 part but after a phone discussion with one of the Interlux gurus he said that brightside is what they recommend for high traffic areas that may need occasional retouching and we also weren’t sure that the boat hadn’t been painted with another paint at some point.  The hull definitely has been painted.  The paint went on really well, roller only with no tipping required.  The leveling agents in this paint are amazing.  Looking forward to getting the second coat on and then painting the cockpit.


New engine arrived

Picked up the new engine from the freight terminal yesterday.  Going to need some help getting it off the trailer.   The old engine had a hole in the head and wouldn’t start due to compression problems.  Bad compression in a diesel is the kiss of death, requiring a rebuild and volvo engines are ridiculously expensive.  I found this engine at a good price in Massachusetts and had it shipped out.

Engine compartment painted

I managed to clean the engine compartment area today with TSP and get it mostly dry and then lay down a thick coat of alkyd enamel paint.  I think it turned out pretty good.  It’s tough to find engine problems (leaks) if the engine compartment is nasty.  Hopefully I can keep it in this shape for a few minutes after installing the engine.

engine compartment and bilge
Engine compartment and bilge.
Engine bed filthy
Engine bed before.