Bow repair on a Snipe

A friend of mine ran his boat into a Laser (aka – ironing board) and bashed his bow pretty good.  I think it had been pre-bashed for his convenience as well and it needs some love.  He brought it over and we took the tape off and I probed it with an awl.  The awl went right through the glass, there was no structure left.  I told him to leave it and I’d think about how to fix it.

On a snipe there’s really no access up front, or not really any you can reach so you need to fix it from the outside.  I designed and 3d printed a little backing plate that I could hold from the outside that would allow me to use it as a scaffold to get a couple of layers of glass inside so I could build the outside up and vacuum bag it.  I think if I were smarter I would have 3d printed a place to hold it from, too, rather than using a screw.  Then I could just snip it off and vacuum bag over it rather than having to fill that little hole first.  Next time, you learn a little every time.

I cut the bad parts of the bow out and fitted the scaffold.  Then I put 2 layers of Saertex stitched e glass over the scaffold oriented 45 deg to each other and sewed them onto the scaffold using a bit of glass pulled from a sheet of woven roving.  I wetted it out with west system epoxy, fitted it through the hole and put some tension on the screw to hold it in place while it cures.  Total time today 1 hour.

To be continued.

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